We have the talent and the experience, let our knowledge be your success!

What We Do

Ready for the next level?

Event Planning

Leave your event or conference in our capable hands, whether for 10 guests or 10,000!

Brand Awareness

Get in front of your audience, show-off what makes you great, and start a conversation!

Talent Marketing

Get recognized for your incredible talent and accelerate the bookings and commissions!


Join a community, champion a cause or event, and associate your brand with the best!

Your Marketing Department To Go

We do it all, just like an in-house marketing department, but at a fraction of the cost!

About Us

Know It All vs. Show It All

A marketing company that can say all the right things isn’t very helpful. Unless, that is, they can back it up by delivering an incredible experience for their clients. That’s the power of Level A Marketing. We bring together a roster of successes and the most forward-thinking, future-building, mold-breaking strategies to propel our clients to the top. No two clients or projects are ever the same, just like no two problems require the same solution.

Experiential marketing? That’s all we do. Producing high-end events, sponsorships, and brand-awareness campaigns with white glove service is the reason we hop out of bed, slide into our power shoes, and set to work. From artists to restaurant groups, and from realtors to jewelers (and everyone in between), our clients trust Level A to set them above the competition.

What’s the Difference?

People do business with other people they like and trust. It’s as simple as that. The relationships we have forged across industries give Level A the unique advantage of bringing people together and making connections. By stimulating ideas and synergies, we create a convergence that is the basis for all of our work. Incredible experiences and promotions are novel, meaningful, adaptable, and geared for results. That’s our Return on Experience edge. An ROE is measured in conversions – not just in sales, but also in audience growth, market chatter, and brand likeability. That’s next level stuff. We call it Level A.

We Do You

No, not like that (at least buy us a drink first). When “We Do You” we become an extension of your own brand, not ours. Level A is a great company, but we’re here to represent you and yours. It all starts by getting to know you better than anybody else: your likes, your dislikes, your heritage, and your dreams for the future. We then set measurable, attainable goals that make that dream a reality. We do you, not for our own glory, but for yours.

Our Principals Have Principles

Level A works with the best. Say hello to our team.

“She didn’t tremble in the presence of wolves she simply became the alpha” ~ r.h. Sin

Andréa Vaccarelli

CEO / Managing Partner

With a career launched at DDB and subsequently serving in key leadership roles at agencies in both New York City and Washington, DC, Andréa is not a bashful marketer. She sees opportunities, develops a plan, and delivers results. Her successes extend to events and public relations for such names as Bloomingdales, Chanel, and American Express, while working with notables like Wolfgang Puck, Barry Sanders, Bob Woodward, and Tory Burch. Even though she can kick butt and drop names with the best of them, Andréa is as bubbly as boiling pasta. As a master practitioner in energy leadership and a certified life and business coach, she fosters a keen business sense and a penchant for delivering marketing experiences that are nothing short of amazing.

“If you hear the whispers, you won’t have to hear the screams.” – Cherokee proverb

Darin E. Kucera

Co-Founder / Managing Partner

A natural entrepreneur, Darin began marketing products in his neighborhood at the ripe age of nine. Over the next thirty plus years, he capitalized on his eye for detail and honed his business acumen through both his education at the University of Central Florida, and working to help tenants within his family owned real estate holdings experience mind-blowing successes.

At first glance, you may mistake Darin for someone who lucked into a charmed life; don’t be fooled. It’s his unparalleled dedication to excellence, ability to problem solve on the fly, and passion for helping people find their success that has enabled him to prosper.


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